Microsoft Paint will be removed from Windows 10

Published : 25 Jul 2017, 15:26

Sahos Desk

Microsoft Paint is on the chopping block, if you go by a recent announcement from the company, which has put out list of features, functionalities that will be removed or deprecated in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Paint is an iconic software, if not in capabilities, but in terms of how long it has been around on Microsoft’s Windows systems.

Paint, which was first launched in 1985 and has been around for nearly 32 years.

So what happens to Microsoft Paint next? Microsoft says Paint will be ‘deprecated’. What this means is that the software is not in active development and it can be removed entirely in future releases of Windows.

Further below, the post adds next to Microsoft Paint, “Will be available through the Windows Store. Functionality integrated into Paint 3D.” So while the application will be ‘deprecated’, it looks like for sometime Microsoft will have Paint on the Windows Store, but its features will be integrated in Paint 3D in the future.

What’s this Paint 3D? Paint 3D is nothing like good old Paint, and as the name suggests it is geared towards creating work in 3D. Microsoft Paint 3D was announced with the Creators Update in April 2017. Paint 3D will let users turn parts of photos, artwork into full-fledged 3D objects. Paint 3D lets users create or modify 2D objects, and convert them into 3D as well.

Users can change colour, texture on these 3D objects. This 3D work can be shared on Remix3D app or printed out via a 3D printer. All the 2D pens, pencils on Paint work with 3D objects.  Paint 3D is available online and users can download it on their Windows 10 PC. Of course, you’d need a compatible PC for the same.

So when will Microsoft Paint be removed?  Microsoft has not yet confirmed this. The Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update will be released soon, and the date for the same has not yet been announced. But expect this to happen once the new update starts rolling out.

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