Selena Gomez accused of lip syncing at AMAs

Published : 20 Nov 2017, 17:44

Sahos Desk

Singer Selena Gomez has been slammed for allegedly lip-syncing at her gig at the American Music Awards (AMA) 2017. This was her first performance since undergoing a life-saving kidney transplant.

Gomez, 25, performed live, teasing her collaboration with DJ Marshmello Wolves, here.

Showing off blonde hair, dressed in a white silk slip and trainers, Gomez writhed on a car bonnet while dancers in nighties performed a routine around her. However, some viewers were unimpressed with the singer’s big return, accusing her of lip-syncing, reports

Twitter was flooded with comments from viewers as noticeably, Gomez’s own reaction after her comeback was muted, with the singer shrugging as the crowd cheered.

While one user wrote: “Selena Gomez can’t sing to save her life”, another posted: “No hate, but Selena Gomez is lip-syncing.”

The AMAs also had Christina Aguilera paying tribute to late singer Whitney Houston on the 25th anniversary of the film The Bodyguard with a medley of I will always love you, I have nothing and Run to you.

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