Women’s cricket to resume in Dec

Published : 30 Oct 2020, 13:48

Sahos Desk

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) plans to resume women's cricket by holding a December tournament, officials from the BCB said on Thursday.

The format of the tournament is yet to be finalized, but Nadel Chowdhury, BCB Women's Wing Chairman, confirmed that it can be considered as part of their women's cricket resumption plan that has been halted after the coronavirus outbreak.

In December, we will be hosting a tournament with our female cricketers. "We have yet to finalize the format, but we will definitely host it as this is how we want to resume women's cricket," reporters told BCB Women's Wing Chairman Nadel Chowdhury on Tuesday.

As clubs may not be ready to come forward, we may host it with divisional teams, "he said, adding that they expect their new head coach to be available before the tournament."

After the post went vacant following the resignation of Anju Jain, Bangladesh has yet to finalize its head coach for the women's team.

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